Light Trails

I love photography. Not just taking photographs, but looking at them too. I love going to exhibitions, looking through other peoples portfolios and even having a good old social media stalk. For me it’s important. It’s inspiring. Angles, lighting, styling I love it all!

I’ve been looking for a long time at adding something extra to my party pictures. I’ve always looked at peoples light trail images and thought they look magic. What stopped me before?!

So at last weekends Glastonbury Town Hall wedding, I took advantage of the fairy lights, stayed late and had a play. 

My verdict. I loved it! Consider this a string to my bow from now on! It adds such a depth to movement. But remember to make it happen you need to have lights at the party. These fairly lights worked brilliantly, but festoons, disco lighting and chandeliers (plus load more) will also look great. 

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