Alice and Matt

“I know it will be sunny. It just will, I am a really lucky person.” Alice was right, she is. It had rained and rained and rained for weeks. Then the week of her and Matts wedding, BOOM

This is a London couple, who just wanted an honest damn good time. They chose to stay close to home at the Hackney Round Chapel. 

I don’t know if it was the couple, the venue, the guests or the family, but this was just one of those weddings that was a joy to be a part of. 

No photos were to be taken at the expense of having a good time. That was my brief and honestly nothing makes me happier. Time to for me to stand back, find the moments, look at the light and watch you at your very best!

Welcome Drinks

Remember that beautiful Chelsea engagement shoot? Well those guys did it. They got married. I’m still working my way through that edit but check out their welcome drinks the night before the big day. I’ve never been to the top of the Gherkin before. Oh my gosh, it was special!

Light Trails

I love photography. Not just taking photographs, but looking at them too. I love going to exhibitions, looking through other peoples portfolios and even having a good old social media stalk. For me it’s important. It’s inspiring. Angles, lighting, styling I love it all!

I’ve been looking for a long time at adding something extra to my party pictures. I’ve always looked at peoples light trail images and thought they look magic. What stopped me before?!

So at last weekends Glastonbury Town Hall wedding, I took advantage of the fairy lights, stayed late and had a play. 

My verdict. I loved it! Consider this a string to my bow from now on! It adds such a depth to movement. But remember to make it happen you need to have lights at the party. These fairly lights worked brilliantly, but festoons, disco lighting and chandeliers (plus load more) will also look great. 

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